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Practice Exam (A1)


#1. In what year did the law known as Brianna's Law go into effect?

#2. Where must USCG-approved PFD be kept on board?

#3. In New York State, children under what age are required to wear a lifejacket at all times, except when in an enclosed cabin?

#4. Which type of life vest is best for open, rough or remote waters?

#5. When should you use a Type III life vest?

#6. What is not a sign that the life vests should be replaced?

#7. The Roman numerals after the letters indicate what?

#8. What color is the starboard navigation light?

#9. The size and type of vessel determine what, in regards to distress signals?

#10. New York State law requires an observer for a water skier to be at least a certain age. What is that age?

#11. If you are boating in an area for the first time, what should you do?

#12. What is a “rescue tool” used by authorities in the event of an accident?

#13. One of the best practices for keeping your vessel in the best working order is what?

#14. What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer?

#15. In New York State, who is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket aboard a vessel less than 21 feet in length between November 1st and May 1st?

#16. The pre departure safety discussion should cover what?

#17. Operators of recreational vessels should continue to do what?

#18. When overtaking another vessel and you give a horn blast 2 times, you are signaling what, to the stand- on vessel?

#19. Which is a sought after quality for an operator?

#20. In New York State, who are you required to contact if your boat discharges oil or hazardous substances into sole state waters?

#21. Who has primary responsibility for the safety of all persons aboard?

#22. According to the text how many of all boating fatalities are alcohol-related.

#23. As a depressant, alcohol goes straight to what areas of the body?

#24. What must a give-way vessel do?

#25. In New York State, what is the blood alcohol level content (BAC) to be considered legally intoxicated?

#26. The responsibility for maintaining a proper lookout using human sight and sound on a boat underway applies to boats during what times?

#27. Which is the most important factor in determining a safe vessel speed on any given day?

#28. At night your speed should be determined by considering the presence of what?

#29. Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding the hull serial number (HIN)?

#30. In New York State which of the following statements regarding personal watercraft requirements is correct?

#31. Who does not need to sound a warning signal every 2 minutes when in an area of restricted visibility?

#32. What may regulatory markers advise you of?

#33. U.S. Lateral Markers almost always follow the 3-R rule. What are the three R’s?

#34. When aboard a boat, ropes are called what?

#35. According to New York State Navigation Law, if you are involved in an accident involving damages over $1000 to any one party, you have the responsibility to report the accident to?

#36. What condition is often confused with the early stages of carbon monoxide poisoning?

#37. Whether you have an outboard or inboard engine, more likely than not your propeller is designed to spin how?

#38. You should always render assistance to other boaters in what types of situations?

#39. What should you do until help arrives if you fall overboard while NOT wearing a PFD?

#40. In New York State, what is considered bow riding?

#41. What is it called when the boat is upright but filled with water?

#42. The cold shock response,gasping and hyperventilation, occurs in what stage of the cold water immersion?

#43. The fire triangle consists of what?

#44. A "grounded boat" means what?

#45. Which statement below best defines a personal watercraft under New York State Law?

#46. Which type of vessel is usually equipped with a jet drive?

#47. What zone is meant for the slowest possible speed your boat will go and still provide maneuverability?

#48. What type of accidents have been consistently listed in the top five types of boating accidents.

#49. As a rule you should keep clear of anyone who appears to be doing what?

#50. According to New York State law, when operating a personal watercraft near a designated swimming area, which of the following applies?


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